Determine your Energy Typology

We ran a statement-sorting exercise with Canadians in 2014 that allowed us to describe a set of 'discourses' - different ways of thinking about energy. This quiz is a cut-down version of that exercise. See how you fit:

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Climate change poses a grave and urgent threat to our planet
Current trends in energy consumption are clearly unsustainable and must be reduced immediately
Nature will be fine no matter what humans do; it is a robust, self-correcting system
Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are justified because they are tiny compared to other countries
Growth in energy production is key to Canada’s economic progress
Canadians have a duty to be global leaders by reducing our energy consumption
Most Canadians are well aware of the environmental impacts of energy development
Only the world’s poor will suffer from climate change
Canada’s commitment to democracy makes it an ethical supplier of energy
Consuming too much energy is immoral
Companies must take responsibility and pay for the pollution they produce
Market forces, not incentives or taxes, drive development and conservation of energy
All forms of energy should be more expensive
We need to find ways to develop untapped resources for renewable energy
The local community should decide on the energy systems that are best for them