John Parkins – John provides overall project leadership for this phase of activities that are funded by the Social Science and Humanities (SSHRC) Insight Grant. Specific studies include a Q Methodology approach to the identification of discourses on energy development in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick, and analysis of national survey data on energy literacy and energy citizenship. He is a Professor of sociology in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta, in Edmonton, AB. Read more about John’s work at his University of Alberta or ResearchGate page.

Tom Beckley – Tom is leading the New Brunswick citizen jury, and has been deeply engaged in the national survey, Q-method studies and Mactaquac headpond tours and focus groups. He is a Professor in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick, in Fredericton, NB. Read more about Tom’s work at his UNB page.

Kate Sherren – Kate grew up on the Mactaquac headpond, and has been leading the landscape components of the project, including the headpond tours and focus groups, online mapping, and social media-based image analysis of Mactaquac and Site C. She is an Associate Professor in the School for  Resources and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, NS. Read more about Kate’s work at her Dalhousie or ResearchGate page.

Louise Comeau – Louise has led the design and analysis of our national survey. She has extensive experience working with non-government organizations, associations, and climate change advocacy networks in Canada and internationally to advance federal, provincial and municipal climate and  sustainability policy. She currently is the part-time Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada, a national coalition of more than 100 organizations that seeks to advance climate protection. Louise also is involved in academic research exploring values and attitudes associated with energy preferences and behaviors, as well as community capacity to adapt to climate change.

Rich Stedman – Rich is collaborating on the national survey and Q-method studies. He is Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Director of the Human Dimensions Research Unit at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Read more about Rich’s work at his Cornell or ResearchGate page.