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New media

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Explore the inundation of the Mactaquac Headpond, as overlaid on old maps or aerial photography:

Overlays of current headpond extent on 1959 geology maps of the headpond

Aerial or satellite imagery maps of the headpond between Nackawic and Fredericton:

Press coverage

Storymap and documentary on Mactaquac headpond research featured in Daily Gleaner article by Tara Chislett, Emotional connection to Mactaquac dam, river valley studied, January 8, 2015, page 4, 1200 words.

Agriculture, not Energy, Will Fuel Canada’s Economy in Coming Decades: Experts, DesmogCanada, July 29, 2015

Energy landscape project on Mactaquac headpond featured on CBC Fredericton Information Morning, August 13, 2013, via 8-minute interview with Kate Sherren:


SSHRC energy project and team were referenced in New Brunswick newspaper Telegraph-Journal by team-member Tom Beckley in media around energy consultation using citizen juries (July 6, 2012, p. A1-A2).