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  • Global TV: More visible panels could be key to solar energy sell, September 11, 2018
  • Podcast: Interview with United Nations Association in Canada on topics of energy literacy, energy policy and energy transition to renewables.

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    April 5, 2018

  • Research paper: Predicting intention to adopt solar technology in Canada: The role of knowledge, public engagement, and visibility
  • New project phase: Wind Energy Development in Alberta
  • Research paper: Can Distrust Enhance Public Engagement? Insights from a Natioanl Survey on Energy Issues In Canada



Ensuring a sustainable energy future involves technical complexity, but some of the biggest challenges are social: such transitions call for new politics, investment, cultural norms, and landscapes. Public knowledge about, and support for, energy alternatives remains quite low. Energy development proposals are often polarizing and disconnected from discussions of overall energy mix and conservation measures. Yet together, we must create a new sense of what is needed, desirable and possible for Canada’s energy future, and map ways to get there. Social understanding is critical to making the transition successfully and democratically. This research contributes to energy transition by building on wide-ranging social science research methods, focusing on sites of energy production across Canada.

Our work is happening at a national scale, as well as detailed cases in Peace River, AB, Mactaquac, NB, and Southern Ontario. This site provides overviews and outputs from that work, in conventional report and new media forms.

Stay tuned for insights from our most recent phase of research on wind energy development in Alberta.